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Organizations in CPC Toronto District

 Association of Polish Engineers in Canada http://www.polisheng.ca
 Association of Polish Engineers in Toronto http://toronto.polisheng.ca
 Copernicus Lodge
 Eastern Territories Union
 First Armoured Division Soldiers’ Association in Canada
 Katyn Family
 Ex-Polish Army Soldiers’ Circle
 Ex-Swaggers’ Association
 Polish Anti-Slander League
 Polish Army Veterans’ Association of America, Post 114
 Polish Combatants’ Association, Branch 20
 Polish Gay and Lesbian Association
 Polish Healthcare Professionals Association
 Polish Immigration and Community Services
 Polish National Union, Branch 1
 Polish National Union, Branch 18
 Polish Pilots’ Association, Warsaw Wing
 Polish Scouting Association
 Polish Sports-Cultural Exchange Foundation
 Polish Union of Ex-Prisoners of German Concentration Camps
 Polish Women’s Federation in Canada, Branch 1
 Polish Women’s Federation in Canada, Branch 17
 Polonia Patria High Society
 Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 621
 Second VIII Army Corps Veterans’ Organization
 Wawel Villa