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Toronto - St. John’s Polish National Catholic Church

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St. John’s Polish National Catholic Church

The beginning of this parish dates back to a meeting of the Polish community in the Polish Alliance of Canada Hall on March 21, 1933. The first Holy Mass was conducted at St. Matthias’s Anglican Church, and the first pastor was Rev. T. Rasielewski. Rev. Piotr Styczynski was pastor between May 28, 1933, and July 31, 1936.

In August 1936, a building was purchased at the intersection of Queen Street West and Brookfield Street, which had room for a church, a presbytery and a parish hall. In December 1947, Rev. Jozef Nieminski became pastor. At the beginning of the 1950s, an idea to purchase or build a newer, bigger church was formed; the building was purchased in the fall of 1952. Subsequently, various families financed items needed to equip the church. St. John’s Cathedral was ceremoniously opened in April 1953 and was blessed on November 15, 1953. A presbytery was built in 1957.

The PNCC temporarily works from 171 Dunn Avenue. The church’s current pastor is Bishop Sylwester Bigaj, who is also the pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Hamilton.

Location: 186 Cowen Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

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